Sunday, April 27, 2008

so looow

ok so theres this big ten tenors concert comming up and I have a solo;) hehehe I sang it for my grandma and she says "thats horrible" because I have to sing it out of tune lol. my solo consists of three words 'thats to expensive.' but it is one very loud solo. I have to use a microphone which will be interesting because I hate them espesially hand held ones.

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molytail said...

I love the skittles you've got at the top of the page now! :-) ..hah, they're making me hungry....

I bet you'll do awesome in the concert! :-)

Yeah microphones are weird feeling - I never know how close to hold them and end up either not being heard or licking it. K not quite. :-P

Good L----- wait. It's a stage show yes? So is it the same as the world of acting where it's bad luck to say that? Should I say "Break a Leg" instead like they do? Being cautious here! *grin*

I've told Cindy about you singing in a concert of these guys (I showed her who they were on a website) and she says "That is SOOO cool!" and wishes you that carefully spoken luck as well!